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    Hello everyone!
    We hope you are all doing well, and just want to start off this thread by stating we are sorry for the lack of attention to Kingdom Crashers. I’m sure some of you have some questions like: What happened to the network? Did development stop? Is there still a Kingdom Crashers? In this this thread we will go over all of these questions and talk about the future / what’s to come.

    Let’s jump right into it! So what in the world happened to Kingdom Crashers? As you all know sometimes in life you are thrown curve ball’s and have to overcome these obstacles. And due to this specific reason the Kingdom Crasher’s team decided to take a break away from the project. Our team wanted to step back and look at the project in a new perspective. By taking this break it has allowed us to regain motivation, and confidence in the server!

    The next step we want to take in moving forward, with the regained momentum is bringing back the community. To accomplish this we are organizing some community events, as well a “relaunch party”. We will release more information regarding these events within the next week!

    On a personal note, we want to thank all of you for the continued support. We know its been a long and bumpy road but now we are on a smooth track to success.

    As always thank you for reading. Sincerely,
    The Kingdom Crashers Team.

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