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    Hello everyone!
    Thank you to everyone who attended the Q&A on Saturday! You all asked some very intuitive questions. Let's jump right into this article. So for anyone who did not have a chance to join our Discord Q&A on Saturday don't worry. In this article we will go over some of the questions that we were asked during the Q&A. As well you can view the whole Q&A down below

    Key Questions

    Q:How long will alpha testing last? A: Alpha testing will go on for about 10-14 days. During this period it will allow us to find any hidden bugs before we open the server to the public.

    Q: Were do you see the server in 6 month's time? A: In 6 month's I see Kingdom Crashers growing to one of the top servers on minecraft. The way we will accomplish this is by releasing new updates every month. These updates will bring in fresh content such as new champions, maps and cosmetics. As well we want to bring in community events such as live streamed tournaments and more!

    Q: Once beta has opened when do you plan to release the official version of the server? A: Once we release the server to the public "Beta" we will be keeping a close eye to the server and making sure their are no hidden bugs. Once we have confirmed that 95% of the server is bug free that will help us determine the official version.

    Q: Where do we get the inspiration for our champions? A: All of our champions have been custom created for our server. We have a team of creative individuals who take inspiration from popular mobas and other sources. Which helps in the creative thought process behind our champions.

    Thank you for reading. Sincerely,
    The Kingdom Crashers Team.
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