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  1. Kingdom Crashers
    Kingdom Crashers


    Public Q&A
    As the title says this Saturday at 12pm pacific standard time we will be hosting a live questions and answers in the Kingdom Crashers discord server. If you haven't already joined our discord server you can connect here > http://www.discord.me/KingdomCrashers. The Q&A session will be hosted in the General voice channel.

    - Development Progress (The developers will be answering you questions related to the development side of the server)
    - Creative Process (The creative team will be going over the creative process of how Kingdom Crashers was created as well answering your questions about gameplay)
    - What is Kingdom Crashers (In this segment we will cover anything related to what the server is)

    If you have any questions related to the server, staff team etc now would be the best time to get them answered. Many members from Kingdom Crashers staff team will be attending such as @AJCL, @Xezabeth, @Goobles, @Kedric, @Kingdom Crashers and more!

    As always, thank you for reading. Sincerely,
    The Kingdom Crashers Team.
  2. PierceKlugs

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    Missed it :/
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