1. Kingdom Crashers
    Kingdom Crashers
    Testing out 1v1 gameplay, should be ready by the weekend!
  2. Lentic
    Lentic AJCL
    im lentic can u help me to be a admin please
    1. AJCL
      how may i help?
      Aug 31, 2017
  3. Lentic
  4. Salmonella
    Whas poppin jimbo?
  5. Achebearome
  6. Achebearome
    Joined an amazing website can't wait to see what happens next!
  7. Kingdom Crashers
    Kingdom Crashers
    Double Gold Weekend August 25-27th!
  8. Herobchanall
    Herobchanall is here!
  9. Kingdom Crashers
    Kingdom Crashers
    The server is launching August 18th!
    1. Tomographix likes this.
  10. Kingdom Crashers
    Kingdom Crashers
    Corelia has been released! Check out our new champions.
  11. TheAnonim
    Awesome server! But I'm bored.
  12. PierceKlugs
    Gotta love the community!
  13. ItzViibez
    Positive Viibez :)
  14. 3DMind
    You can PM me if you need help or if you have a question.
  15. Kingdom Crashers
    Kingdom Crashers
    Testing minions and more game mechanics tomorrow! Happy Sunday.
  16. PierceKlugs
    Official Helper of Kingdom Crashers, thanks guys!
  17. Wheat000
  18. PierceKlugs
    I'm excited to get to work!
  19. Kingdom Crashers
    Kingdom Crashers
    Alpha testing will begin tomorrow around 5pm EST
  20. PierceKlugs
    I'm so HYPE for Alpha! I need to get the Alpha Pass first.
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